ZBS, Times Group Caught Pants Down; Used Forged Documents On Rwandese Who Sued Them For Defamation…Demands K200million Compensation

A prominent businessperson in the city of Lilongwe Mr. Vincent Murekezi has taken legal action against Zodiac Broadcasting Station Limited and Times Group over defamation charges.

ZBS, Times Sued

ZBS, Times Sued

According to a plantiful served to ZBS from Sikwese & Company Law Firm and received by ZBS’s administrator Mr. H. S Mdala, on November 16, 2016, the radio station published a news item that Mr. Murekezi was illegally staying in the country having had committed genocide crimes in Rwanda and fled to this country from Rwanda and that he is wanted by Inter-pol.

And further that that he has since illegally obtained a Malawi passport in the name of Vincent Banda to disquise his identity.

“Those statements you published referred to our client are serious allegations. Your agent or employee or employer had earlier in the day called Our client who refuted the allegations but nonetheless you proceeded to publish or cause or cause to be published the false allegations.

“These Charges amount to a very serious libel and slander on our client and have caused him considerable distress and embarrassment. All the allegations made against him are false and your attack on him was unjustified.

“In the circumstances, our client requires from you a matter of urgency a full and unequivocal public interaction and apology interms to be approved by us, and an undertaking not to repeat these allegations. We have also advised him that he is entitled to substantial compensation for the injury to his reputation and feelings, as to which we invite your proposals. Our client will also require payment by you for all legal costs he has incurred in this matter.

“We look forward to hearing from you without delay. If we have not received a satisfactory reply by 21st November 2016, our instructions are to issue a writ. In the meantime, our client reserves all his rights.” Reads part of the letter to ZBS.

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