Poly, NRC, Mzuni, Health Sciences and MUST Students Threatens To Hold Demos Near Presidents Function

As President Munthalika is expected be inaugurated as LUANAR’S chancellor on 16th of November in Lilongwe.

UNIMA students have in the past organized themselves to show their anger by holding protests in their respective schools and public places. This comes months after Chancellor College students blocked the US second lady Dr. Jill Biden’s motorcade at Matawale in Zomba which disgraced the Malawi nation as a whole.

This comes days after the education minister bashed University councils for their failure to resolve the outstanding issues locking tertiary education sectors in the country.

Part of the letter from inside sources reads;

To all affected Schools/Students Unions, Let’s organize our members/students to come together and join hands on the 16th of November in Lilongwe to show our dismay over the closure of our respective Colleges which has become an order of the day in our beloved country.

As our authorities seem not to care about our right to education as stipulated in the Constitution of Malawi let’s come together and do what we know.

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