Malawi President Peter Mutharika Congratulates Donald Trump On US Election Victory

Mutharika congratulates US President elect Trump

Mutharika congratulates US President elect Trump

As the world comes to terms with one of the most shocking election triumphs in history during the elections in United States, Malawi leader Arthur Peter Mutharika has congratulated Republican candidate Donald Trump for emerging victorious.

Just within hours of Trump being declared winner over Democrat Hillary Clinton, President Mutharika posted on his official Facebook page extending his congratulations, putting him among the first few African leaders to do so together with Egyptian leader Abdel Sisi and Ugandan Yoweri Museveni.

“Let me take this opportunity to congratulate President-elect of United States of America, Donald Trump, following his victory in Tuesday’s election. As a model of democracy to the whole world, the US sets the pace on how democratic values are nurtured to achieve meaningful and inclusive development across the board,” read the statement.

He further expressed hope that a Trump presidency will not in any way affect policy and diplomatic arrangements despite power shifting from the liberals to conservatives.

“On another key note, the US remains an essential trade and diplomatic partner to Malawi as such their policy shift as a result of this election plays a great factor in how we handle our own policy lines here at home. We remain committed to continued good relations with the United States in all areas of human endeavor.”

The US election is a major determinant of global policy direction especially when power changes hands between the two major political parties.

Malawi and the US have numerous diplomatic and social relations that impact Trade, Education, Governance, Agriculture, Women Empowerment among others.

Trump – the first US leader not to have held any political or military position- will succeed Barack Obama who has served for eight years.

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