Mutharika Says Aware Of Some Double Standard, Greedy Individuals Surrounding The Presidency

Mutharika  in Mulanje Pasani

Mutharika in Mulanje Pasani

President Peter Mutharika says he knows that he is surrounded by some “fortune seekers” who could dump him if he was not in power.

Mutharika made the remarks in Mulanje after commissioning the construction of the $23.5 million (about K17 billion) Likhubula Water Supply System project which is expected to help Blantyre Water Board pump water from Mulanje mountain.

Mutharika said he is aware of what some of his party members were planning following rumours of his health while in United States of America after being away from the country for a month.

“I know that I have some Judases around me. Just like what happened when my brother Bingu died, some left the party before my brother was buried. But let me assure you that I am strong enough to seek re-election come 2019,” said the 76-year-old leader.

“I know what was happening while I was enjoying my coffee in America. Let me also take this opportunity to inform those who thought I would be dead by now that I will call them when am about to die. But for now, I am enjoying my good and robust health,” charged Mutharika.

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