Joyce Banda’s Daughter In A Sexual Gate: Libidious Hubby Forces Her To File Divorce


My name is Dama Phiri. I’ve done a lot of shitty things in my life but it’s time I made up for my sins. But before I do I need to get some things off my chest. I’m sorry for the pain I have caused and probably will cause in writing this, but if I don’t do it I will not get right, and my end is drawing near

Married (engaged/involved) men I’ve slept with:

1) Dr. Kondwani Chalulu
2) Dr. Titha Dzowela
3) Dr. David Zgambo
4) Mr. Andrew Kulemeka
5) Mr. Chiwala Chipeta
6) Mr. Victor Jere
7) Mr. Raynolds Liabunya

Men I slept with while they were involved with my friends or family members

1) Mr. Eric Msolomba (Werani Nyirenda, My sister Nozga and my cousin Uza)
2) Mr. Peter Liabunya (Bridget Msolomba)
3) Mr. Mphatso Wawanya (Gladys Ngondo)


1) Alinuswe Ghambi
2) Titus Chimwele
3) Dr. Mwawi Mwale
4) Mr. George Lameck

Just to name a few! Will write more another day.

The only ones that were my actual boyfriends on this list were Nuswe and George. They embraced me even though they knew I was a slut. The rest didn’t want me. I know they used me because I was loose. I have manipulated, blackmailed and harrassed many of them. I’ve faked pregnancies. I’ve faked suicide attempts. I’ve faked illnesses. I thought that would make them want me. But I was so wrong. This is why I have to repent.

I have flunked out of my program here in Cape Town because I’m just not smart enough. They’ve asked me to leave the department ASAP. I know that bad things happen to me because I’m a horrible person. It’s time to get right with the Lord.

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