Joyce Banda’s Relation ,Errand Boy Paul Mphwiyo Pleads Not Guilty In K2.4bn Cashgate Case

Paul Mphwiyo says not guilty

Paul Mphwiyo says not guilty

Joyce Band’s relative and errand boy who served as former Ministry of Finance budget director during her rule, Paul Mphwiyo has pleaded not guilty to charges in the K2.4 billion money laundering case in which he is among the accused.

Mphwiyo, alongside other civil servants including former accountant general, David Kandoje, is answering several charges such as money laundering, theft by public servant and conspiring to defraud government funds amounting to about K2.4 billion.

Other suspects Auzious Kazombo Mwale, Roosevelt Ndovie, Clement Madzi, convict Maxwell Namata, IT expert of IFMIS Steve Likhunya Phiri and George Banda have also pleaded not guilty to the charges before presiding Judge Esmie Chombo at Lilongwe High Court.

Others who pleaded not quulty were Stafford Mpoola, Andrew Chilalika, Sympathy Chisale, Fatch Chungano, Limumba Karim, Stanley Mtambo, Cecilia Mervis Ng’ambi, Gerald Maguleta Phiri and Ndaona Satema

According to Judge Chombo, the case is rare for it is involving suspects more than 10, has 19 suspects majority of them are contractors who were used to steal government money using their certificates.

Reading charges y to each suspect almost all but one suspect present in court today pleaded not guilty to their charges with only Stanley Mtambo who pleaded guilty to the charge of money laundering the sum of MK 78,649,120.89 under Walusako General Dealers a film which belonged to his wife.

But Mtambo used it after conniving with cashgate convict Lenard Karonga to use his bank accounts one from National Bank and other one from Nedbank.

Mtambo has since been convicted at his own plea and his bail has been revoked waiting for his sentence as the state has asked for a delay of his sentence until the case of his accomplices reaches the same stage to sentence them together .

Andrews Chilalika, Fatchi Chungano and Sympathy Chisale have all admitted that the former director of tourism, Kalonga, approached them to use their businesses, they had no contracts with government and that government cheques were deposited into their bank accounts and the money was withdrawn.

However, according to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mary Kachale, the three are not admitting that the money that was deposited into their bank accounts was stolen or was the proceeds of the crime.

The three will enter their plea in the next hearing.

The case has since been adjourned to 9th of January 2017 where among others the state is expected to parade its first witnesses and both the defense and state has agreed that the case shall run for five days from 9th to 13th January before breaking for February.

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