Fake Men Of God Must Learn From Murdered Evangelist Wame

Rest in peace Wame

Rest in peace Wame

As we are gradually getting to terms with Evangelist Wame’s departure from our midst, four things about him crossed my mind this morning:

  1. He launched his ministry before most of the present day evangelists and self styled men of God such that if amassing earthly possessions was part of his mission, he would have departed very rich.
  2. His ministry had a large following such that if fame or popularity was his obsession, he could have started his own church to earn himself the titles others love to be called today. But he still remained CCAP.

  3. He presented himself as a true servant of God. His humility was just out of this world. He was never flamboyant. You hardly spotted him wearing those expensive fancy suits others wear today. He was just okay with his trademark dust coats.

  4. He put his Trust in God. He never needed bodyguards to offer his life protection. I know you would argue if he had some they would have protected him from his murderer but what I know is Evangelist Wame lived in peace with everybody and his cupboard had no single skeleton for him to keep watching over his shoulders wherever he went.

That is the true man of God Heaven gained last week in Wame. Keep resting well Evangelist.

Source : Good Friday Chiwaya.

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