Joyce Banda Furious With Her Social Media Team For Celebrating MCP’s Victory Over PP Poor Performance In Mchinji

Dissapointed JB

Dissapointed JB

Peoples Party founder Joyce Banda says she is ashamed and angry at the conduct of her boys and girls on social media who are celebrating the victory of Malawi Congress Party in Mchinji West constituency and some wards in Lilongwe and Dedza.

JB is appalled because the party’s own candidates in these areas performed miserably despite her sending K30 Million to interim leader Uladi Mussa for campaigning.

Her social media team led by Ackson Kalaile Banda, Stella Assani, Zainab Macheso and Blessings Sibande have been making noise since results started trickling in from polling centres while forgetting that their own candidates had performed poorly.

Inside sources say she is mad at why her chaps are cheering for another party instead of asking themselves what is wrong with their own party.

The money she sent is said to be sitting comfortably in some bank account because Uladi wants to use it for personal errands.

In one instance people ridiculed on why PP candidates even performed worse than null and void votes.

Adding salt to injury, PP lost in Zomba Sadzi ward where JB comes from and even in her own village of Chikowi people gave votes to a DPP candidate.

Since 2014 elections Peoples Party has never won any by-election and this one is the second in Zomba where JB hails from.

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