Presidential Ambitions End Chaponda Launching Smear Against Malawi VP Chilima Using Nankumwa’s ‘Globe Tabloid’

Chaponda launches smear campaign against VP Chilima

Chaponda launches smear campaign against VP Chilima

Minister of Agricultural and Irrigation, George Chaponda, who is repositioning himself to be the successor of President Peter Mutharika has declared total war with vice president Saulos Chilima, rolling out a smear campaign, using a propaganda tabloid, The Globe.

The Globe, which is a hub of smear for political competitors and government critics, is the brainchild of Minister of Labour and manpower development Henry Mussa, Minister of Local Government Kondwani Nankhumwa and DPP parliamentarian Noel Masangwi.

The paper editorial claims Chaponda has shared to different media outlets information on how Chilima allegedly misused his power when he was incharge of the country while President Peter Mutharika was in United States of America, apparently under the knife.

The DPP propaganda sheet editorial has been given a story by Chaponda to turnish the image of Chilima that he arranged a tender with Malawi Defence Force for the supply of medical equipment worthy K400 million but pegged at K1.4 billion from the army to share the K1 billion with the Army General.

“It’s sad that he thought he was already a president and Mutharika was not coming back and he arranged a deal in which he was going to pocket closer to a billion,” a leaked story of the paper quotes Chaponda.

Chaponda claims they were going to use Chilani Clinic and only use MK 400 million to buy the supplies.

“It is only Malawi Army that reports to a civilian president direct without being audited hence at this moment Chilima had the power to discuss such a deal and get away with it.

“We can not trust such a man to lead the country let alone to take us through another elections,” the paper cites Chaponda’s statement.

The main objective is to attack Chilima so that President Peter Mutharika should not pick him again in 2019 elections as second-in-command.

As its editor says, the Globe plainly hopes to influence a ‘some audience’ on politics without the serious bits – and without the journalism that informs a reading public.

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