Malawians Must Focus On Development And Not Politics: Says MP Bisnowarty

Focus on development

Focus on development

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Centre, David Bisnowarty has challenged his constituency and the nation at large to focus on developing Malawi and put politics aside.

“Instead of us being so focused on politics all the time, we have to change our focus to developing the country,” Bisnowarty said on Sunday.

He added, “we should work on building infrastructure in areas that are within the city and that’s why am saying let’s focus on development and bring change to the people.”

Bisnowarty was speaking after donating K100, 000 worthy of roofing materials to a woman, Margret Frank, who had a roof blown off her house last Wednesday following heavy winds in Kauma.

He encouraged the community to plant more trees to address the adverse effects of climate change like heavy winds which the area is so exposed to due to lack of trees.

“We have a big issue of global warming that is affecting the world. Kauma is one of those areas affected because it doesn’t have enough trees. There is a lot of winds and storms that are destroying houses here.

“If we plant more trees we won’t be facing such disasters, prevention is better than cure but we are certainly not doing the prevention. Last year we planted about 5000 trees but it’s not only about plant trees, it’s about building better houses that can withstand such disaster,” he said.

Christopher Jere, block leader for the area, admitted that much of the disaster in the area are happening due to the lack of trees but said the community is working hand in hand with their member of parliament to address the challenges.

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