Chakuamba Family Wants Chakwera, Mia Brought To Book For The Death Of Their Relative

Chakwera poisons to death Chakuamba

Chakwera poisons to death Chakuamba

Family members of veteran politician Gwanda Chakuamba have voiced out their intentions to have MCP President Lazarus Chakwera and Alhaji Sidik Mia face the law in connection with the death of their loved relation.

According to family members, Chakuamba had a heart attack which had seen him recently being flown to India by the Peter Mutharika led government where he had received medical attention and when he was well, Chakuamba came back home but as soon as Chakwera and Mia visited him, the old man started complaining of abdomen pains and when he was taken to the hospital, it was discovered that Chakuamba had been poisoned and now it is clear that Chakwera and Mia poised him to death.

Those who were taking care of Chakuamba have said Gwanda Chakuamba was set to fly back to India for medical Checkup only to be taken to his early grave by Chakwera and Mia, who were against the move of seeing government taking care of Chakuamba for their political gains.

MCP is well known of organizing crime evident enough to their 30 years rule which had seen a lot of Malawians being poisoned to death, murdered and others going missing.

This is not new as the same people who were doing these evil acts have now surrounded Chakwera who off-late has also demonstrated to be another evil minded politician.

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