Former President Joyce Banda Refuses To Return Home Despite Govt Giving Her Retirement Home In Area 43

Joyce Banda refuses to come back home

Joyce Banda refuses to come back home

Government has finally allocated a huge spacious mansion in an upmarket suburb of Area 43 for former leader Joyce Banda who continues to live in self-imposed exile pretending that she is not yet to get her due benefits, it has been established.

Sometime last year JB wrote foreign stakeholders complaining that her return to Malawi is being delayed due to among other things the unavailability of a retirement house from government.

This complaint came even after government allocated her houses eight times but to no avail. She still fabricated one reason after another to elude coming back to Malawi to have a day in court for her connection in Cashgate cases.

Government sources say the house, which sits on one-hectare piece of land, has eight bedrooms, a guest house with a capacity of six, a servant quarters and a beautiful lawn.

The former President is said to be happy with the house and has already sent her security team to be guarding it. What remains is whether she will return to occupy it or leave it empty for months while government covers rentals, security and ground costs among other expenditure.

The new development will be exciting news to many Malawians most of who want to hear JB’s side of the story in relation to Cashgate.

Currently, the former leader shuttles between South Africa, Dubai and United States attending functions, some trivial, just to keep herself busy and away from the arm of the law.

Legal experts say Anti Corruption Bureau or the Courts will at some point seek her arrest and extradition from foreign governments.

All Cashgate suspects and convicts have mentioned JB as a key witness in all Cashgate cases so far.

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