Mutharika Gives Red Card To Shameless Liars With UNGA Presser: “Lets Unite To Build Mw”

Shame on liers

Shame on liers

President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika’s press conference upon his return from 71st United Nations General Assembly was at the confluence of rivers of deceit and reality.

The presser was held at a time bad wishers, liars and opposition political leaders were shining with deceit, and convincing everybody the president was not just ill, but incapacitated.

No wonder, between 12:30 and 13:30hrs the environment in the conference room at state house was tense, emotional and charged as journalists waited to see either a sick or robustly health president.
Way before it, speculations were rife and trending that the president would not even show up at press briefing or that he simply cancelled it.

Others speculated the state house would deliver a recorded speech of the president. The point was in another deception which said the President was ferried back to the US to receive further treatment and that he has been in a very critical condition.

As if that were not enough, some unscrupulous prophets and individuals wrote on their social media platforms that the president died and that government was trying to shield the information to buy time to calculate transition of power.

On the other hand, government officials stood their ground saying the president was in robust health and still performing his duties in the US.
But which is which? The conference was, therefore, to be the solution to the conundrum- the demarcating line between ‘Akakowa and Ankhwangwala’.

At about 13:30hrs the president showed up- he was walking majestically like the King of Zion and waving his two hands like a triumphant wrestler.

He was dazzling like diamond in the conference room, stealing all attention, amassing ululations and exuberance as he was walking towards his seat.

At about 13:35 the man of the people took his seat. The environment was shaking, people couldn’t contain their emotions. It was like the biblical Prince of Judah had just resurrected from the grave.

Elsewhere, people were also monitoring the conference on the state broadcaster, MBC. Eyes couldn’t believe the president is in good health, and still in control. But even Thomas Didmus could refute that the president is in excellent health.

The President said: “If there is a person who has died several times, and wake up, then it’s me.”

He added: “I used to be told a cat has nine lives, but it seems Peter Mutharika has more than nine lives.”

But what are the lessons we can draw from the hoo-ha detractors created on the President’s health.

According to a renowned journalist Idriss Ali Nassah there are more lessons Malawians should learn from the unfounded crisis.
He wrote: “ There are many lessons to take from this. One of which is that Barrister Allan Z. Ntata is not a man to be believed.”

Another commentator Davie Namusanya declared people who were misleading people on the President’s health as stupid jokers.

“The President didn’t just come to address the nation, he came to indicate that indeed he is in robust health and any rumours of him dying or abdicating are bad and tasteless jokes,” wrote Namusanya on his facebook post.

The President also commented and answered questions on various social-economic and political issues and called for all Malawians to work together.

The president reiterated change and transformation cannot change if people don’t transform mentally and behaviorally.
Meanwhile, a Blantyre based renowned pastor has told this publication that people who were sensationalizing and lying about the president’s health are witches and non-believers.

The pastor says spreading the false news or rumours of death of another person is killing, and those who do it have no share in the kingdom of God.

“What people were doing is essentially witchcraft. It is murder and uncalled for. That why we the clerics have been decrying moral decadence in this country. How we wish the president dead? Besides being our president, he is a family man with children and other people who look to him,” he said.

Opposition political leaders including Rev Lazarous Chakwera and Joyce Banda, frustrated and misguided activists and some false prophets were creating and spreading rumours that president was dead.

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