Malawians Split Fire At Croocked Kachaje: ” Show Us Your Businesses, Millions Not Just Cheap Talk”

Crooked Kachaje must show us his millions first

Crooked Kachaje must show us his millions first

Malawians have taken to social media to blast Henry Kachaje of robbying them in a croocked and trickery way as Business Consult Africa, fooling many that they can make their first million yet himself drives a Toyota Noah which is one of the cheapest car and has no multi million business to his credit like other Malawians such as Mike Mlombwa, Mike Chilewe, leston Muli, Mike Msungama,Mark Katsonga,Hellen Singh,Mbumba Achuthan and Atupele Muluzi just to mention afew, yet he blags as being a successful businessman with nothing to show.

“These people you call “Motivational Speakers” in Malawi who certifies them? Or I can wake up one morning as along as my English is good and with an average IQ and be one? ” Wondered one Ng’ambi.

Another Malawian noted that this kind of robbying the poor is increasing,”I have noted their numbers are increasing in Malawi and jumping from hotel boardroom to the other, in some cases the audience if not sponsored by an organisation, are asked to pay considerable amounts of money.”

Honestly I don’t think the journey to wealth ( not success) starts with listening to a mere motivational talk.

If Richard Branson talks Entrepreneurship, yes it makes sense and it shows.

Malawians must be reminded that people like Henry Kachaje are nothing but thieves.If they want to talk about making millions andEntrepreneurship, the first thing they must do is to show us their millions and businesses otherwise, they are stealing from poor Malawians and this is bad.

There is need to have proper body to regulate and protect Malawians from such scams.

One comment

  • Some of us have benefited from his talk. Nsanje amalawi. Do you go there at gun point? Mudzafa aphawi.

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