Mutharika Says Low Pressure My People: ‘I Will Interact With The Media..Speak To Millions This Afternoon”

Low Pressure: I will speak to you today

Low Pressure: I will speak to you today

State President, His Excellency Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika who returned from United States of America last Sunday is set to interact with local and international media this afternoon.

According to sources from State House, Mutharika is expected to hold a press conference today at Kamuzu Palace, where among other things, he will explain to the nation of Malawi his schedule while he was in the United States of America on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly.

Media was awash with reports that Mutharika was unwell and that he had undergone an operation in the head, this came to be a lie as upon his arrival, Mutharika had no scars in the head as others said.

When this propaganda failed, critics and opposition leaders started calling for resignation of Mutharika, saying he had lost speech and that his right side has been paralysed despite no certification of any medical practitioners that Mutharika was not well.

This was also defused when State House issues a statement that there would be a press conference today.Leaving those liars with no option but put to shame as all they conspired against Mutharika did not work to their advantage.

It has come to the attention of many Malawians that the opposition in the country is good at spreading lies as all what they were saying about Mutharika has been false.

Malawi Independent understands that over 85 journalists from local and international media houses are to cover the function.

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