Mutharika Rebrands ZBS Moto:’Zamabodza Mumvera Kwa Ife’

ZBS New Moto

ZBS New Moto

Malawi President Mutharika has told local media house,Zodiak Broadcating Station (ZBS) to consider re-branding it’s moto from ‘Zikachitika mumvera kwaife’ to ‘Zamabodza Mumvera Kwaife’ for it’s continued spread of lies and not reporting the truth on several occasions.

Mutharika was speaking at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe during the Press conference where he singled out that ZBS was in the forefront saying he was critically ill and therefore he had to resign as he was not fit to execute government business.

“I want this house with their moto Zikachitika mumvera kwa ife” to change it to Zamabodza mumvera kwa ife.How can they just report lies without establishing the truth”.Queried Mutharika amid cheers from the Democratic Progressive Party zealots who were part of the conference.

The fully charged Mutharika briefed Malawians on the water and ESCOM problems, the state of economy, his heath and UNGA trip.

Mutharika also took time to respond to some questions which were possed by jornalists from ZBS, Times, Nation news and State run MBC.

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