Mutharika Mocks Opposition: I Have More Years To Live ,Am Your Competetor In 2019 Elections

Mutharika arrival at the Press conference

Mutharika arrival at the Press conference

President Peter Muthatika has scolded members of the opposition for wishing that he would hurry up and die , saying he has ‘more than 9 lives’ like a cat and will not be dying anytime soon because he is in ‘perfect’ health.

He spoke at a news conference at Kamuzu Palace parrying away fears that he has falling health.

The President who was in a jovial mood also waved both hands in the air to refute rumours that his right hand was in bad shape after he greeted people using his left hand when he arrived from a month long visit of the USA where he attended the 71st United nations general Assembly.

“If there is a person who has died several times and wake up, then it’s me,” said 76 year old leader.

“I think I have more than nine lives, more than a cat. Maybe I could be likened to Harry Houdini; do you know who Harry Houdini is you members of the press? Ok maybe Virginia Palmer (USA Ambassador to Malawi) might know him,” said Mutharika.

“There was too much talk about my health, but I want to tell you that I am well. I have organs like a 30 year old. ”

“Maybe the opposition wanted to face a weaker candidate in 2019, I am here you will face me in 2019,” said Mutharika.

“Others were saying I should hand over power because I was sick. Maybe you don’t know but I am the one who inserted that provision in the constitution on 4 February 1995 in this very room that when a president is incapacitated, there should be a team of private medical practitioners to examine him and then inform the Speaker of Parliament. Its incapacitation not being sick,” said Mutharika, who apparently was now losing temper.

Answering a question on the blackout of information on the last 15 days of his USA visit, Mutharika said he sent all his staff back home after the UNGA and therefore there was no one to pass on that information home.

“Don’t blame my people, if anything blame me. I am not accountable to newspapers and by the way it’s not on for me to tell you every minute of my meetings,” said Mutharika.

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