Chamba Smoker ,Frustrated Ntata,Others Face Arrest Over Falsehood About Mutharika’s Health

Police to effect some arrests

Police to effect some arrests

Information reaching Malawi Independent has indicated that Malawi Police service is making an advancement to arrest Chamba smoker and frustrated Zalimba Allan Ntata for spreading false news about Mutharika’s purported health, a conduct which likely breach of peace and caused fear amomgst millions of Malawians.

According to sources, Ntata is on record to have created rumours that Mutharika was dying and questioned why he was not giving power to vice president Chilima.

As that is not enough,Ntata went ahead to tell Malawians that Mutharika had been flown back to America the same day after his arrival to continue receiving medical attention as his condition deteriorated.

This according to the police is a criminal offence punishable under the laws of Malawi.

It is not yet known whoelese will be arrested along with Ntata as the police did not release much information.

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