Gospel Artist Vin Chizuzu Breaks Eight Years Of Silence: Back With Tokyo Love Hit Single

Vin Chizuzu Breaks the silence

Vin Chizuzu Breaks the silence

‘When you came into my life’ hit maker way back in 2008 as the only Malawi Rock Artist who had chosen to go rock without being afraid of the new challenging musical environment in the country, Vin Chizuzu’s fusion of imitated Michael Jackson dancing skills spiced up with tchopa, manganje and all the local traditional dances in the land demonstrated that Malawi music was about to have a new lease of life and maturity just before he went into hibernation due to some health complication.

After being so silent for eight years not as a finished musician. Vin Chizuzu has told Malawi Independent that during these years, he has been working on his musical skills, took time to look after his well being and now he is back after rebranding his music moving away from pure rock music to African Rock Music with his own touch and dancing antics.

On 29 October, 2016 he is bouncing back with the hit single called ‘Tokyo love’ and he has promised nothing but the best from him.

Tokyo Love is a song which talks about the story of an African church man who had to fall in love with the most beautiful woman in church and he had no idea of any romantic words he could say to the girl and when he wanted to marry her apart from the verses he used to share in church …the only words that were romantic to him on the day of marriage proposal are the ones that are found in the song Tokyo love.

Those willing to be in touch with the rock star as he is set to come up with a bang can link with him on 0999342719 .

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