Chakwera Accused Of Poisoning Gwanda Chakuamba, Critically ill In Hospital After Meeting Him With Mia

Chakwera Poisons Gwanda

Chakwera Poisons Gwanda

It never rains but it pours for the embattled opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarous Chakwera as the family of former MCP President Gwanda Chakuamba accuses him of allegedly poisoning him.

Chakuamba is currently in critical condition admitted at the Blantyre Adventist Hospital after collapsing at home barely hours after Chakwera paid him some unscheduled visit at home.

Zwele Chakuamba a nephew and guardian to the veteran politician said the family is not taking lightly the visit by Chakwera where he brought with him a horde of journalists for a photo opportunity with the granddad of Malawian politics.

This according to Zwele Chakuamba distressed the veteran politician alot to the extent that the same day that Chakwera visited the residence, Chakuamba collapsed 3 times during the night, a development that never happened before.

The family member said Chakuamba was more concerned because he had just returned from receiving medication in India on a trip fully paid for by Malawi President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and his administration.

The family says it’s monitoring the situation of Chakuamba very closely in hospital and that if anything happens to him, Lazarous Chakwera is going to be held to account.

According to Zwele Chakuamba, the family also suspects that Chakwera may have poisoned Chakuamba or did some withcraft when he held one on one discussion with the MCP leader.

“When Chakwera came, all of us were asked to go out for some reason, Chakwera is said to have taken a glass and poured in juice that he gave to our grandfather to drink,” said Zwele.

Later, when Chakwera was gone after the photo shoot opportunity, the veteran politician is reported to have started vomiting and collapsed.

According to Zwele Chakuamba, they took their grandfather to Blantyre Adventist Hospital where he is admitted in critical condition up to now.

When contacted for comment, the disgraced former man of God Lazarous Chakwera said that he was too busy to respond to the withcraft and poison allegations as he was too busy with by elections campaign.

Chakwera said in a phone interview on Monday this week that he stopped practising witchcraft a long time ago when he received Jesus Christ through the Assemblies of God a regious organisation that he led for many years. Chakwera also confirmed having given Chakuamba a glass of juice when he visited the veteran politician but fumed he saw no issue with that.

“I poured the orange juice into Chakuamba’s glass so what? Is that an issue? He is my friend so don’t bother me please am campaigning in Zomba,” said Chakwera in his fake American English accent before hanging up on this reporter.

From time immemorial, the Malawi Congress Party is well know for killing all its critics and the family suspects that Lazarous Chakwera may want Chakuamba dead because MCP would want to propel Sidik Mia as a grandfather of politics in the Lower Shire.

Gwanda Chakuamba remains the most popular politician from the Lower Shire and continues to receive great respect from the residents of the area.

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