Zomba Rejects Vision-less Chakwera,MCP: Told Not To Take Malawians For Granted



Leader of opposition and President of losing Malawi Congress Party,Lazarus Chakwera had a rude awakening in eastern region district of Zomba when his whistle stop tours were married with low turn out.

The people in the eastern region are reported to have nothing to do with Chakwera and MCP for the atrocities they suffered for the past 30 years when MCP was in power, and failing to take part in developing Malawi since MCP became an opposition party in 1994.

Chakwera was told in the face by some angry Malawians in Zomba that MCP is not even an option for Malawi as the acts of its leadership has failed to give hope in many Malawians, a development which has opted them to further continue supporting ruling Democratic Progressive party and no any other party.

As that is not enough, Chakwera has been told that Malawians cannot rally behind a party which is full of dirty politics and waste much of its time politicking instead of working towards improving the livelihood of many Malawian.

‘The problem with MCP is taking Malawians for granted, they forget that politic have changed over the ages and the citizens of this country can no longer be fooled,’ Said one of the observers who attended Chakwera tour in Zomba.

MCP is trying hard to penetrate into the southern region but seems nothing is working to their advantage.

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