Forget About Mutharika’s Resignation, You Have No Grounds : Says Law Expert Kanyongolo

No grounds to call for Mutharika's resignation

No grounds to call for Mutharika’s resignation

Chancellor College based law expert Professor Edge Kanyongolo has said President Peter Mutharika cannot just step down over mere suspicion that he is ill.

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Peoples Party (PP) have revived their dream of seing Mutharika out of office prematurely following rumours that were created by Mr. Zalimba Allan Ntata, that the president was sick.

However, speaking to a local radio station on Tuesday morning, Professor Kanyongolo argued that the President can only be declared incapacitated upon being certified by a team of independent medical practitioners.

According to Kanyongolo, the declaration has to be submitted by the first vice president to the speaker of National Assembly.

Kanyongolo argued that the events regarding the president’s current’s state of well-being cannot warrant him to step down.

“What we are talking about here is some temporary illness or some discomfort on the part of the president and has no constitutional consequences. Its only when the president becomes so incapacitated that he is unable to discharge his duties that’s when this protracted process can begin,” said Kanyongolo.

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