Opposition,Critics Sweating In Their Pants As Mutharika Is On His Way Back Home

President Mutharika On His way back home

President Mutharika On His way back home

The Devil is a liar! So they say. He lives amongst us and that is evident enough on how some Peoples Party idiots,opposition MCP, briefcase CSO’s, misguided journalists and some jobless-jobseeking facebook addicts had been lying about Mutharika’s heath.

Our one and only President Arthur Peter Mutharika on Saturday left Unites States of America on his way back to Malawi, weeks after attending the U.N. General Assembly meeting of heads of state and government in New York and other government business last month.

President Mutharika is returning home after speculation by Peoples Party and MCP agents that he was hospitalised in the US.

As that is not enough, some went ahead to say Mutharika is dead.

President Mutharika has got wind of the rumours and is not amused with the “nonsense” of wishing him dead and he wants his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters to unite against opposition enemies.

DPP supporters in the southern region took to the streets on Saturday demonstrating against “sickening” rumours about Mutharika’s health and wishing him safe trip back home.

They chanted that “shame on you, Mutharika not dying.”

The Vice President Saulos Chilima office also confirmed the Presidents return today, rubbishing “sensational” reports about his condition, saying there has never been any cause for alarm at any time.

The general-secretary of the Malawi Law Society, Khumbo Soko, has said there is great anticipation for Mutharika’s arrival.

As a matter of fact, everyone wants to see Mutharika back home.

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