Mutharika’s Massive Return: All Roads Lead To KIA..Business To Come To A Stand Still In LL

Tick, Tock,Tick,Tock.The count down continues, the mood is so high and the bar has been raised.Everyone is so excited that President Mutharika is coming back home minus those in opposition having failed with their evil plans and propaganda that Mutharika is critically ill while some said he was dead.

Business is set to come to a stand still in Lilongwe as thousands of Malawians are expected to show up and grace the massive return of the state President at Kamuzu International Airport from United States Of America where he had gone for UNGA and other government business.

From the look of things, it will be a day different all others days when our heads of state have been coming back home.Millions of Malawians want to see if it is true that Mutharika is coming back home alive, some will want to see if he was really sick while some want to see a scar of Mutharika in the head as some misguided individuals had said he underwent a surgery.

To the Democratic Progressive Party family, this is a very big day as the father is set to be reunited with his political family again.

The coming of Mutharika has sent shivers to those that never wished him well.The DPP fans are ready and set to welcome their leader.

Youth from the ruling party and others in the party have lined up a number of activities to give support and morale to their dear leader who they had missed for almost a month,

It will a day packed up with tears of joy and celebrations.

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