Police Arrest Six MCP Thugs Who Were Terrorizing , Robbing Cars Along The M1 Road



Police in Ntcheu district have managed to arrest six notorious MCP thugs who have been attacking vehicles along the M1 road, particularly around Kachipeya area which is between Lizulu and Njolomole.

Ntcheu Police deputy Public Relations Officer, Hastings Chigalu told our publication that the six have been attacking vehicles along the Lilongwe-Blantyre M1 road, stealing various items.

The suspects have been identified as 42-year-old (ex-convict and ring-leader) Willy John, Tiyago Yohane 35 years old, Petulo Sakondwera, 21, 21-year-old Tchethani Francis, Allan Fumbutsani, 26, and 22-year-old Chipiliro Clement.

“On the night of Tuesday (11th October, 2016), we mounted an adhoc roadblock at Kachipeya along Lilongwe -Blantyre M1 road. While at that place we received a complaint from a truck driver that he has been robbed of bags of cement by unknown criminals,” explained Chigalu.

He added: “Our officers decided to make a follow-up using a civilian vehicle going to Lizulu; upon arrival at the said place, the suspect’s started throwing objects and one of our officers was heavily wounded on his left eye and nose, and has been admitted at Ntcheu District Hospital.”

The law-enforcers managed to arrest the six on Wednesday (12th October) at the same place, Kachipeya after they attacked and robbed a truck that was carrying maize bags.

“We managed to recover some of the items from them including three (50kgs) bags of maize and a vehicle tyre. There is a possibility of continued recoveries. We want to assure motorists using the Lilongwe- Blantyre M1 road that we will keep on working hard until we see to it that the Kachipeya area is crime free.”

The suspects have confessed during interrogations to have been committing the offences around the said area.

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