MCP’ Nkholokolo Outshine Chakwera As Court Rules That He Has No Power To Fire Anyone From The Party

Court judgement against Chakwera's illegal NEC

Court judgement against Chakwera’s illegal NEC

The High Court in Lilongwe has vindicated Malawi Congress Party President by ruling that he has no power to fire any member from Malawi Congress Party.

Passing his judgement in Lilongwe, the judge observed that the new Malawi Congress Party NEC is illegal and unconstitutional in terms of Article 30 of the MCP constitution.

This simply shows that all decisions which were made by this NEC are illegal and cannot be taken into party’s consideration.

The judgement further states that since the current MCP NEC is invalid, Chakwera decision to fire prominent MCP members or dismiss them from the party becomes useless and those who were fired or dismissed will never cease to be MCP members.

“An order that the current composition of MCP’s NEC has no powers under the constitution to dismiss any member,” reads part of the judgement which was delivered on October 7,2016.

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