Government Says Mutharika Neither Dead Nor Sick: We Will Deal With All Those Spreading This Lie

Mutharika in good health

Mutharika in good health

Government wishes to condemn in very strong terms the behaviour of people who are spreading rumours on the social media to the effect that the State President, His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, is critically ill in the United States of America (USA).

These rumours are baseless, malicious and sickening to say the least. The President is enjoying very robust health and is continuing to carry on his functions and duties whilst in the USA.
We would like to remind all Malawians that in response to the so many inquiries as to what the President is doing in the USA, the Presidential Press Secretary, Mr. Mgeme Kalirani, has repeatedly stated that the President is continuing to carry out other duties which could not be concluded whilst he was at the United Nations General Assembly.

This information was released by the State House to the public for those who genuinely desired to know the truth. If this information released by the information holders cannot be accepted by those who postulate to disseminate news, then it indicates a very serious appetite for rumour mongering in our society.

Government is reminding all Malawians that whilst the laws of this country provide for freedom of expression, those rights ought to be exercised responsibly and within the law.

Spreading false rumours about the health of the President is a criminal offense and unless this behaviour stops forthwith, Government will not hesitate to bring to book those responsible for this irresponsible, malicious and damaging rumour-mongering which is clearly aimed at spreading fear and panic among law abiding Malawians.

Once again, Government reiterates that the President is enjoying very good and robust health in the USA and that when he concludes the official duties he is currently undertaking which are for the benefit of all Malawians, the Nation will be advised in the next few days regarding the dates he will return home.
There is therefore no need to panic.

Hon. Malison Ndau MP


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