APM’ UNGA Fruits:Mw Now Signatory Of Paris Climate Change Agreement, Hailed For HIV/AIDS Fight

Mutharika and out going UN secretary general

Mutharika and out going UN secretary general

The State President of Malawi,Arthur Peter Mutharika returns shortly from the US where his schedule included signing on behalf of Malawi the Paris Climate Change Agreement, a global blueprint that sets guidelines on gas emissions.

The agreement obliges signatory countries to cut on carbon emissions.

President Mutharika signed the treaty at United Nations Headquarters in the presence of the Under-Secretary General for Legal Affairs and United Nations Legal Counsel, Miguel de Serpa Soares.

He told reporters that there was need for the country to have a way of tackling the issue of climate change which is also in line with international frameworks as provided by the Paris agreement.

“The issue of climate change to countries like Malawi is a serious one. This is why my government is coming up with a legal framework to address climate change issues. If we are not careful we will continue to suffer effects of natural calamities such as droughts that often result in food shortages,” he said

Among other things the treaty puts together an internationally accepted framework for addressing climate change and enables signatories to access funds the international community puts together to tackle climate change effects such as floods, drought and hunger.

Outgoing United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon also expressed concern about climate change and the resultant hunger in Malawi. He commended President Mutharika during their one-on-one talk for signing the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Also on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly, APM was commended by Ban Ki Moon for playing a great role in litigating the spread and effects of HIV/AIDS.

Ba Ki-Moon commended and congratulated Malawi for being a leader globally in the fight against HIV and AIDS and for becoming a Board Member of the Global Fund.

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