Msonda Denies Chakwera Plea To Join MCP: Hold Talks At Casablanca

Msonda denies plea to join MCP

Msonda denies plea to join MCP

Former Secretary General of Peoples Party,Ken Msonda on Wednesday evening was spotted with Lazarus Chakwera at famous Casablanca drinking joint in Blantyre, just after he had another meeting with Alhaji Sidik Mia.

Driving his Mercedes Benz, Msonda who looked axious was later seen being welcomed by Lazarus Chakwera and the two went to a round table behind Alendo Hotel, where Chakwera promised Msonda to take good care of him if he joins MCP.

Msonda has denied the request so far, saying he has to consult elders in his area first of his next political move but as things stand now, he remains on political leave.

Malawi Independent understands that Chakwera later also had a meeting with Sidik Mia after visiting the ailing lower Shire political heavyweight Gwanda some days ago.

MCP has been split over the issue of running mate, some want Lovemore Munlo as the running mate ,some want Sidik Mia while another faction thinks it is better to maintain Msowoya.

It is now clear that MCP hopes of fronting someone from the southern region in the next election.

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