Partisan Times Managing Editor Kasakula Bitter With APM For Not Appointing His MCP’ Chakwera Minister

Kasakula bitter with Mutharika for not appointing Chakwera minister

Kasakula bitter with Mutharika for not appointing Chakwera minister

Yesterday, Tuesday, Mr. George Kasakula, the Times Media Group editor, took to the Times Radio studios tearing apart Peter Mutharika’s recent award in the US.

Kasakula described the award as an ‘insult’ to Malawians because, in his view, Mutharika has not displayed any element of exceptional leadership.

The Chief editor among his reasons was that Mutharika has only given a cabinet post to Atupele Muluzi, leaving out Lazarus Chakwera, who, in Kasakula’s view, deserve it more than the younger Muluzi on the basis that the MCP leader came second during the presidential elections in 2014.

Kasakula also said that Mutharika do not deserve the award because his relations in Kasungu always phone him, begging for support.

That was not all, Kasakula went on to say that Mutharika has no elements that can ladder him among the Julius Nyerere’s, Kwame Nkruma, Nelson Mandela s and Kamuzu Bandas of Africa.

He said in Malawi, it is only Kamuzu who deserves all the awards as he set the very good foundation of this Nation.
Well, Kasakula, just as all Malawians, hold all the rights to speak his mind, how ever on the list of his rights there is none that mandates him to mislead the semi-literate masses.

On Mutharika not fitting into the league of Africa’s founding fathers such as Kwame Nkruma is not a basis at all not to hail him for whatever those who decided to confer that award not to do so.

He, Kasakula, himself, does not fall into the league of Times founding editors, but this can’t be the basis for us not to hail him for a little achievement he can make.

On Mutharika not giving Chakwera a cabinet post, Kasakula him self, as a seasoned journalist should be in a better position to understand that doing so would have compromised the MCP leader ‘s neutrality in his other Constitutional role as the country’s leader of opposition.

It is even a fallacy to contend that what Chakwera cannot get, no one should get.

On Kasakula’s relations phoning him for his support, why should that be a national funeral or an element of mismanagement on the part of Mutharika? Is it Mutharika’s responsibility to put food or money in the pockets of someone’s parents, uncle’s and cousins?

No no no Mr. Editor, as you are failing to take care of your parents, just know that there are alot of Malawians- less educated than you, getting lowers salary compared to yours, yet are taking care of their wards. Even those that are failing to do so- are not that childish to go into the airwaves to complain- we all fall bitter at some point- but such bitterness, if left unmaned can kill and Mr Kasakula’s bitterness with Mutharika for whatever ever reason, should not reach the extent of disgracing his own family right on the radio.

Lastly, Kasakula come from Kasungu where Hastings Kamuzu Banda is some sort of a god and supporting MCPP is a religion. But let Kasakula appreciate this fact- his Kamuzu shares the blame on the challenges this country is going though.

The water and power problems are in fact due to Kamuzu’s lack of vision and inability to plan ahead of his time.

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