Mayaya Opts To ESCOM Blackout Demos To Raise Money For His Bachelors Degree Fees

Billy Mayaya to fundraise through ESCOM demos

Billy Mayaya to fundraise through ESCOM demos

Jobless and  attention seeking Billy Mayaya who was recently fired from one of the NGO’s for misappropriating funds, is on record to have planned a demonstration against  electricity blackouts in Malawi as a way of fundraising for his Bachelors degree fees,Malawi Independent has learnt.

According to African University of Guidance and Youth counselling, Mayaya sought an opportunity to enrol for a Bachelors Degree in Diplomacy and International relations  at the college which is situated in Area 43, adjacent to Roberts along the Kanengo road but has failed to start his classes due to lack of fees.

When the management of the college called Mayaya to find out if he was still interested to pursue his studies or his place be given to someone else, It is on recorded that Mayaya pleaded with them to give him some chance as he is set to have some money between now and October 18,2016.

Malawi Independent understands that activist Mayaya has been given a grace period running up to October 20 and if he fails to pay the fees, he has been told that he will be withdrawn from the University.

Knowing of the trouble he is in, Mayaya has started to mobilise people to hold ESCOM demonstrations which are sleated for October 18 in Lilongwe as a way of soliciting funds for his studies.

Mayaya is of the view that governemnt throught ESCOM will offer him some money to cancel the demonstration and in return, he uses the moeny to pay for his fees.

He has for the past two years held more than ten demonstrations but he has nothing to show as the deliverables to his matching which have of recent been marred with low turn out.


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