MCP’ Social Commentator Henry Kachaje Torn Apart: ‘Malawi Is Better Than Rwanda’

Kachaje schooled on politics

Kachaje schooled on politics

We Malawians often blame our leaders and yet in most part we are the problem, especially with the mind-set. This post illustrates that very well.

In order to gain some wisdom on leadership, if APM or any other leader was to read this post and the other posts that we make to express our views and aspiration, them leaders would become confused as we are confused. Very difficult to grasp anything tangible from these otherwise quixotic thoughts.

There are too quotes here from Mr Kachaje. One is the post and the other one is a quote from the quote. Mr Kachaje wants us to reflect on good leadership. He has given the quote from the quote to help us zero in into what aspect of good leadership he is trying to portray in the quote. I initially suspected that he still had issues with the awards APM has received but I gave him the benefit of doubt hence I asked earlier for him to clarify what he means by ‘this is leadership!’

It is however now safe to say that Mr Kachaje has given this quote because up to now he is still battling to find a way to discredit the awards our president has received.

Reading this quote however, Mr Kachaje is contradicting himself because at first he said our president has done nothing to deserve the awards and now with this quote, he seem to suggest that our president did something because he wanted to win the awards. … You see??? Confused.

Anyway, further to that, for those who have taken time to study Kagame and know Malawians, as a leader Kagame possesses attributes of leadership that Malawians don’t like and will never tolerate. He might be registering some success in development like to some extent the colonialist and Kamuzu registered but he is not a good leader worth to be celebrated. As one who wants third term, it means Kagame has failed to lead, he has no one to pass on the button to. What kind of leader is that? And we have millions of refugees from his country around the world afraid to return home. We even have some here in Malawi.

And again, the message or the philosophy in the quote has been used by Kagame to defend his arrogance and dictatorship tendencies. Why should we as Malawians be glorifying and aspiring for that? Where have we left our thinking hats?

Now, the other surprising thing is that for some of us it seems like we are hearing or coming across such message for the first time. Bingu, Goodall and APM expressed the same sentiments not to defend or justify dictatorship but to define a path of progress for us despite being a democracy. Look at how beautifully GG put it:

“Let me emphasise that we will do things because we want to do things properly not because of donor conditions. This country must not be run by donors. If we do things the right way and donors are satisfied that we are doing fine, that will be fine,” said Goodall Gondwe, the finance minister at a press briefing in Lilongwe, the hub of Malawi government.

That is GG people. Our own! So many times, if you listen to him, he says to us, change your mindset. Our success as a country is more depended on us as a people and less the leaders. Malawi is not Rwanda, we are a democracy, as a people we determine the leadership that we get. In Rwanda, Kagame determines the leadership he gives to the people and in 2016, that is bad.

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