Former Malawi President Aide Dr. Ben Phiri Spoils Princess Chitsulo With MK 0.5 mn During Her Albulm Launch

Princess Chitsulo album launch surpasses expectations: Ben Phiri supports cause with K0.5 mil

Princess Chitsulo’s launch of her music album, Nyimbo Yanga, on Friday night at Comesa Hall in Blantyre will go down in history as one of most memorable events of a kind mainly because of the outreach impact the show had.

Gracing the occasion as guest of honor was former presidential aide and philanthropist Dr Ben Phiri, who fell in line with Chitsulo’s desire to help the needy from the proceeds of the show.

In an emphasizing speech Phiri said everyone has a responsibility to help the less privileged people in society.

“For a long time people have had a misconception towards politics saying that only politicians are better placed to help the needy. Everyone should take part in helping others whether they are politicians or not, in government or in opposition. We are all called to serve humanity,” said Phiri.

Phil who is also ‘Field Marshal’ of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party further challenged the church to emulate the biblical principle of sharing until there was none left in need.

He added: “Acts chapter 2 verse 45 talks about the church that made it as standard practice to help those in need by selling possessions and goods and distribute the proceeds. This is a gesture we can also emulate as citizens instead of just waiting for the government alone.”

Phiri therefore donated K500,000 from his family foundation Beata Trust towards Princess Chitsulo’s Foundation which helps the needy including prison inmates who are living under inhabitable conditions.

On her part, Chitsulo, who could not hold back her tears, said she was overwhelmed with the support especially from Dr. Ben Phiri whom she thanked for also settling the venue bills.

Chitsulo’s fellow artists supported her through donations and patronage. These included musician Lawrence Lulu Khwisa who donated K20, 000 to the cause. Others included Thoko Katimba, King James Phiri, Ethel Kamwendo Banda, mimicker Atcheya and Nancy and Che-Nkope just to mention a few.

Nyimbo Yanga is Chitsulo’s first album since her life threatening heart problem in 2013. One notable song from the album is the hit song “Chenjera Petulo” which continues to dominate the airwaves.

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