Chakwera Replaces Kamuzu Banda’s Face With His On MCP Cloth

Things fall apart in MCP as Chakwera replace Kamuzu face with his

Things fall apart in MCP as Chakwera replace Kamuzu face with his

There is controversy surrounding a new cloth for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which has replaced the face of Kamuzu Banda with that of Lazarus Chakwera.

Recent events have seen Chakwera’s wife and other supporters donning a cloth with the face of the Reverend on it.

Party old guards are not happy with the new development and are calling for a return to the old ritual of having the founder as an emblem on all party cloth.

Lilongwe Mapuyu parliamentarian Joseph Njobvuyalema is among the people who have approached former leader John Tembo to complain about the new arrangement.

Chakwera is doing all he can to create a cult -like personality around his name by imitating what Ngwazi did in the late 60s and early 70s.

The agenda has not only stopped at the cloth but also the songs by mbumba and all party slogans which are slowly fading out Kamuzu’s name from the picture.

“It is wrong, this is not what we agreed years back during Tembo’s rule. Every MCP leader should keep the personality of Kamuzu alive in all activities. Ngwazi made MCP what we are today and it must be respected like that. Chakwera is wrong on this one,” Njobvuyalema said in an exclusive interview.

For the past year MCP has faced trouble in the wake of an open rebellion from prominent members such as Jessie Kabwila and Felix Jumbe who demand an end to Chakwera’s dictatorial kind of leadership.

Supporting Kabwila and Jumbe are all district chairmen who want Chakwera yo step down and pave way for JZU’s son Morgan Tembo to take the mantle.

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