MCP’s Top Secret That Chakwera Does Not Want His Vice Msowoya, Others To Know

Secrecy on Mias Move to MCP

Secrecy on Mias Move to MCP

Alhajj Muhammad Sidik Mia joined MCP way back, but he was buying time due to personal and business reasons to break this news of joining the crocodile party.

Alhajj Sidik Mia approached Rev Lazarous Chakwera to join MCP and that he will be supporting the party both financial and material but subject to a condition that he Alhajj Sidik Mia be given a position of Vice president come elections 2019.
Lazarous Chakwera accepted the proposal and deal was signed between Alhajj Mia and Chakwera, after this deal Chakwera advised Mia to play it low to avoid causing divisions in the party since Richard Msowoya still hold the position of Vice president in the party.

Alhajj Mia agreed to that decision made by Chakwera and series of secret meeting between Alhajj Mia and Chakwera has been taking place without the knowledge of Richard Msowoya the current Vice president.

The genesis of the problems between Chakwera and elected MCP Nec members started when NEC members got the wind of the news that Chakwera signed a secret deal with Alhajj Sidik Mia to give him the position of Vice president in the coming 2019 elections without the knowledge of NEC members.

In the four paged letter written by MCP secretary general Gustav Kaliwo addressing to Chakwera he cited this issue of holding secret meetings with Alhajj Mia even to the extent of signing a secret deal with Mia without the knowledge of NEC members and other crucial decisions made by Chakwera without the knowledge of elected members of NEC.

On Saturday 02 April , 2016 there was a secret meeting in the commercial city of Blantyre at sunny side where Chakwera met with Alhajj Mia without the knowledge of his VP Richard Msowoya.

During this meeting Alhajj Mia assured Chakwera of more support interms of party material and financial, it also transpired in the same meeting that Alhajj Mia had already started distributing party materials in lower state Chikwawa as he is vice president in waiting.

At this meeting Alhajj Mia gave Chakwera millions of cash to help party activities and other money was used to hold MCP rally at Nyambadwe primary school on Sunday 03 April, 2016.

All these happened without the knowledge of Richard Msowoya and other NEC members but only Chakwera favourites were aware of these developments.

On 03 April, 2016 morning hours Chakwera instructed his favourite MP Hon Horace Chipuwa for Lilongwe North to get in touch with Madam Abida Mia the wife to Alhajj Sidik Mia to arrange food meant for MCP guest and party women who were ferried from central region to attend Nyambadwe primary school rally.
Hon Horace Chipuwa was seen in dark blue Toyota fortuner running up and down with madam Abida Mia the wife to Alhajj Mia who is also in food production business.

After series of Secret meetings with Alhajj Sidik Mia, Chakwera advised Mia to join the party in public so that he get familiased with MCP officials and party activities so that people should not be shocked when he Chakwera unveiled Alhajj Sidik Mia as his running mate in 2019 general elections.

All these happened without the knowledge of Msowoya MCP vice president and Chakwera deliberately didn’t welcome Alhajj Mia instead he instructed MCP southern region chairman Peter Simbi to welcome Mia and seen as if Chakwera is not part of this dirty move.

Next we bring you who are the secret sponsors of Chakwera very shocking to hear.

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