Under ACB Proble: Former Escom Finance Director Never Resigned…Made Dubious payments

Betty Mahuka, the former Escom Finance Director who has just resigned, is under Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) watch and has been dodging investigation briefings at the bureau under the pretext of sickness.

Daily Times newspaper of September 28 reported that Mahuka resigned because she was facing pressure from some quarters to make payments that were dubious.

However, sources at ACB have revealed that it is Mahuka herself who has been mentioned in several dubious deals amounting to K1. 3 billion.

“Betty Mahuka is among prime suspects who twisted the system to gain from a tender awarded to supply new electricity metres. She flouted procedures all the way and earned huge kickbacks from the supplier,” an investigator at ACB said without giving the name of the supplier for legal reasons.

Mahuka has been skipping her scheduled dates for ACB visits saying she is getting treatment for her blood pressure.

This skipping of meetings has forced ACB to involve Police who confiscated her travel documents two weeks ago to keep her within check of the bureau.

Realizing that she is living on the edge Mahuka has decided to throw in the towel and gain sympathy from the public for what are her own sins.

Escom board and bosses denied Mahuka’s assertions of pressure to make dubious payments.

The authorities at the power utility company say procedures at Escom do not allow the Finance Director to make or authorize payments unilaterally as it is being claimed by Mahuka.

Some of Mahuka’s relatives say she is indeed sick and has been having stints of nose bleeding due to pressure from ACB investigators who sometimes visit her at home for questioning.

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