Mia Back In Frontline Politics: Welcomed By MCP Official In Lower Shire

It has come to pass. No more a secret thag Sidik Mia has announced his political comeback finally when he was launching his 3.5million kwacha Sidik Mia trophy.

Mia was proudly flanked by MCP leaders for the southern region.

Hon R. Msowoya must be having troubled thoughts, as to what becomes of him, especially knowing that the new acquisition cannot settle for anything less than the runningmate position.

This is no speculation for Mia, as he made his ambitions clear whwhen he dumped PP on the grounds that he was not picked as JBs running mate.

He run to MCP then for the runningmate position but equally hit a blank wall as it was too late to accommodate him at that level. He then took a sabbatical leave from active politics.

So yes, Msowoya is not just being paranoid, but knows what Mia is up to and thats the runningmate position. Well for the politically immature, the coming in of Mia in the MCP fold is kind of a game changer, but for the politically and tactically versed, MCP will live to regret this new acquisition.

MCP is basically trading the Northern Region vote for a potential Chikwawa vote. While they are assured of some remnant support in the North, the MCP feels the Northern vote is not worth it so much so that they can forsake it for a vote they are just hoping for in the lower shire.

This move has the potential to completely wipe out any pockets that remained in support of the MCP in the northern region. As the MCP strategizes on how they can manage Msowoya’s reaction, they better cast the net wide, as they will have the entire Northern Region to manage.

Once again, the MCP will live to regret this new acquisition. Someone may ask, why the interest in MCP…. well its a historical party, we need it for that purpose and nothing else. My colleagues in MCP, u can archive this status for reference as it will come to pass.

By the way DPP will have a walkover in 2019 polls, a landslide for that matter.

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