Joyce Banda’s School Broke: No August Salaries To Some…Dues Slashed For No Reason

Former President Joyce Banda’s school, the Joyce Banda Foundation International (JBFI) is reported broke and failing to meet staff needs due to financial problems the institution is in, Malawi Independent has established.

According to some staff at the institution, some employees at the school were not paid for the month of August while some were shocked to see that their salary had a shortfall.

When those that noted an anomaly with their pay presented the query with the management, they were told that the finance department of the the school made an error by deducting an equivalent of MK 50,000.00 from their salary for reasons which the management was not aware off.

Pressure mounted at the institution, a development which forced Mrs. Cecilia Kumpukwe, a relative to Joyce Banda to reveal to the staff that all was not well with the school financially and they decided to slash some staff salaries with MK 50,000.00.

Kumpukwe tried to give some solace in the angry staff by telling them that even her was not paid in the month of August for the sake of others. She further revealed that her salary had been reduced to a MK 100,000.00 because the school was going through economic hardships.

Some staff have threatened to take the matter up with other authorities as what the school did is against with their working conditions while others have said they will quit the job to look for greener pasture else where.

Joyce Banda Foundation belongs to former President Joyce Banda who is in self imposed exile in South Africa.

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