MCP Dominated LLw City Council Blasted By Minister For Reporting Late At Mpanipani Burnt Market

Minister of Local government and rural development  Hon. Kondwani Nankhimwa was on Friday bitter with Malawi Congress Party sympathizers , who have dominated as officials at Lilongwe City Council and made it clear that an action will be taken , so that   heads must  roll after they were reported late  to fight fire which had gutted the Mpanipani in Lilongwe with  two solid hours .

A spade a spade Nankhumwa expressed his sadness  on  council fire brigade which are  telling lies that they could not make it on time because of lack of fuel and later it has been established that they did not have enough fire fighting water.

“This is very serious. The government would replace the irresponsible officers,” warned Nankhumwa.

The fire, which has burnt billions of merchandise to ashes, has left 5000 traders and vendors destitute, hopeless and helpless.

Some of them took to the streets in the morning, violently though, battled with the police as they expressed anger over council inefficiency to fight the fire that started at around 3 am and fire brigades showed up at 5 am when almost everything had been lost in the raging inferno.

One of the traders who lost everything in the inferno, Daniel Kamila said there was need for the council to find preventive measures of market fires.

Cabinet ministers, including Home Affairs minister Grace Chiumia and the police chief Lexten Kachama visited the market after calm returned in Old Town in the afternoon.

Leader of Malawi Congress Party Lazarus Chakwera was also scheduled to visit the market in the afternoon.

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