Malawi President Mutharika Saluted By America’s Largest Black Legislative Caucus

President Arthur Peter Mutharika was this week honored by Georgia Legislative Black Caucus for his distinctive political career which among other things sees him including members of opposition in the  running of his government.

The award comes at the same time with yet another recognition – African Leadership award- from the African Leadership Magazine.

Chairperson of Georgia Legislative Black Caucus the Honorable Dee Dawkins-Haigler presented the certificate of the resolution to President Mutharika at the St Ragis Hotel in` New York on Thursday.

According to the certificate of the resolution, members of the Legislative Black Caucus of the Georgia General Assembly resolved to salute President Mutharika’s leadership for among other things including a candidate he  defeated in an election; Atupele Muluzi, in his own Cabinet.

While recognizing the contributions of Arthur Peter Mutharika at the international Forum On African Leadership, the honor also pays homage to Mutharika’s illustrious academic and political careers.

The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus has a membership of 60 African American state legislators and is registered as an independent nonprofit, charitable, nonpartisan and educational organization.

The President – a former Yale law professor- has a rich working relationship with America’s black community from the time he lived and worked in the United States for decades.

President has had a busy schedule at this year’s United Nations General Assembly attending other high-profile meetings and events with fellow global leaders.

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