Chakwera Told ‘It Will Backfire’;Cancels Plan To Tour LL Market Burnt By His MCP Agents

Malawi Congress Party terror squad masquerading as MCP youths who were responsible for violence, killings, abductions and terror during the one party rule have advised their mafia-like leader Lazarus Chakwera to cancel his planned tour to Mpanipani market in Lilongwe which has been razed down by MCP agents, Malawi Independent has learnt.

According to our investigations, Lazarus Chakwera was expected to tour the burnt Lilongwe market yesterday around 8:30 am to sympathise with the vendors , even after it had been established that MCP youths are the ones who set up the fire at Lilongwe market along with their fellow political bed fellows, the Peoples Party.

When rumors were making rounds that Chakwera was to make a visit to the market which has been burnt to ashes and some suspecting MCP foul play, Chakwera was advised that their plan to win the vendors hearts for his political gain was not to work out as vendors were bitter and tension was high at that particular time with MCP being connected to the torching of the market.

This made Chakwera change his plan at eleventh hour when all arrangements had already been made.

Reports reaching Malawi Independent has also indicated that the Lilongwe City Assembly which is controlled and dominated by Malawi Congress Party officials and sympathizers coordinated with the fire fighters not to respond immediately to the scene so that nothing was rescued from the market.

MCP is well known of organizing evil as experienced ny Malawians during their 30 years rule.

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