Opposition MCP, PP Behind Lilongwe Market Fire;Plans To Wreck Havoc In Malawi

Opposition politicians within Malawi Congress Party and Peoples Party are creating panic among Malawians by torching public places to incite anger, it has been established.

PP’s Ephraim Chivunde, Lawrence Mpofu and Roy Kachale have been holding meetings with MCP’s Eisenhower Mkaka and Chancy Mtambo to plan what they can do to incite public anger against government.

Last month they held several meetings with teachers’ bodies and civil society organisation where they asked Teachers Union of Malawi officials to intensify their plans for a protest.

Other civil society members that have been playing part in these meetings are Rev McDonald Sembereka,  Bright Kampaundi and Fryson Chodzi.

It was therefore not surprising when some teachers in Lilongwe told primary school children to go into the street stoning cars and causing public nuisance over issues beyond their comprehension.

The group then noticed how unmoved government was and they turned their focus to vendors. The best and easiest way was to unleash an amount of anger that will be hard for Professor Mutharika and his government to handle.

The first part of the mission seems to have paid dividends with Lilongwe Main Market as the first target.

On Friday morning masked men were seen by guards climbing the market fence and within minutes the whole premises were on fire. Millions worth of goods have been destroyed with only few lucky ones managing to rescue their merchandise.

The aftermath of the fire has brought the rumour mill into motion. MCP and PP supporters are now spreading rumours that a soldier has been killed as another way of dragging the armed forces into the issue.

Government however has assured Malawians especially Lilongwe residents that they should proceed with their normal business as things are under control.

Police have intensified investigations to arrest those who torched the market and their masters.

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