Exclusive: Exposing How Joyce Banda’s Sons Roy, Geoff Were Involved In Malawi’s Cashgate

You, Geoffrey Kachale, though married you have been having a steamy love affair with one Caroline Savala now a cash gate convict, aged 33, from Lilongwe, whom you used to swindle government millions under the instructions of your mother the then President of Malawi Joyce Banda.

‘Caro’ Savala as you often fondly called her was a member of the Orange Partners, Central Province. In fact she was the organisation’s Deputy Organisaing Secretary (Central Province.

She was the same girl, you, Geoffrey Kachale, helped to secure that MK49 million from Malawi Government coffers into her bank accounts, this is what led to her arrest while you Geoff and Roy walk scort free.

The girl was arrested by the Police when your mother was in power to protect her image while her accomplices, Geoffrey Kachale and Roy Kachale remained scot free.Now she is rotting in jail.

If you want us bring the evidence here how the two of you have been enjoying this intimacy, please advise we are happy to detail all your escapades right here.

You, Geoffrey Kachale and your younger brother Roy Kachale have been running clandestine business activities with one Osward Lutepo who is currently in Zomba prison serving his 13 years jail term. But you Geoff Kachale and Roy Kachale have been left scot free for years.

You, Geoffrey Kachale and your younger brother Roy Kachale had secured several Government of Malawi contracts one of which was the road that bypasses the administrative capital, Lilongwe from Bunda College Turn-Off.

You, Geoffrey Kachale and your younger brother Roy Kachale and your on-the-run accomplice Osward Lutepo are directly involved in arson activities that took place at the public electricity company headquarters, ESCOM, about two years ago in order to conceal evidence over illegal business contracts that you got from there.

You, Geoffrey Kachale and your younger brother, Roy Kachale own a fleet of trucks, 62 to be precise that were dubiously acquired during the 1 and half years your mother, Mrs Joyce Banda had been in power some of which you branded GPY under George Yannics.

You, Geoffrey Kachale and your younger brother Roy Kachale had within the last 1 and half years your mother have been in power rehabilitated into international status the Tigers Club and many other bars and entertainment joins that you own and operate.

You, Geoffrey Kachale and your younger brother Roy Kachale have been running illegal business contracts with the Portuguese construction company, Mota Engel and we have all the details.

You, Geoffrey Kachale and your younger brother Roy Kachale had been withdrawing government money from the Malawi Defence Forces account with Osward Lutepo and Ephraim Chibvunde as your accomplices.

Both Lutepo and Chibvunde were executive members of the Peoples Party, a political grouping founded by your mum, Mrs Joyce Hilda Mtila Banda. Ephraim Chibvunde is the man the Anti-Corruption Bureau found to have had unexplained MK400 million in his bank accounts last month.

However, on instructions from your mother, the President Joyce Hilda Mtila Banda that warrant of arrest for Mr Chibvunde had since been withdrawn when she was in power.

There are plenty more dubious business transactions that we can list here but we have deliberately chosen not to waiting for the right moment.

Malawi has had two Presidents before your mother came into power and they had children too. Legitimately elected presidents of the Republic of Malawi Dr Bakili Muluzi (retired) and Professor Bingu Wa Mutharika’s (late) children never described Malawians as nonsense on Facebook pages whenever there were allegations against their names.

We are happy you, Geoffrey Kachale, has come out to set this precedence and Malawians will respond to you at an appropriate time.

We also hope the legitimate authorities that you are appealing to Malawians to present evidence to are not the ones that are in Malawi under the authority of President Joyce Hilda Mtila Banda who happens to be your mother.
“Ukakhala pa nsana pa njobvu, umasati kunja kulibe mame.”

Please just eat what you have on the table. When you go on to describe Malawians as Makape, dunderheads and stupid it’s kind of inflicting more pain on wounds.

We are all watching carefully on whatever activities you are undertaking.
By the way Cecilia Kumpukwe, mother of Mphatso and Mike Kumpukwe we have in our possession your pays lip from Mount Soche Hotel where you last worked before landing this Christmas job in State House. We can display it here if you want.

From that little salary, you now own houses, vehicles and various other forms of investments whose details we have handy.

Yes, today, we Malawians ndi Makape, dunderheads, stupid, retarde beings and fools but our day will surely come.

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