MCP Diehards Brands Chakwera A Stubborn Lucifer Who Likes To Be Praised,Hates Constructive Criticism

Malawi Congress Party diehards have told a press briefing in Lilongwe that they regret to have chosen an outsider, Lazarus Chakwera to take charge of the party without proper considerations.

In a televised interview which was broadcast on Malawi Broadcasting Corporations TV.

MCP Top gurus led by regional Chairmen, Baza Kaunda, Daniel Mlomo among others told Malawians that , “as a party, they made a mistake to elect a rank outsider to lead the party”.

The official went ahead to describe Chakwera as a stubborn man who only love to be surrounded by boot lockers but not those who offer him constructive criticism

The team went to dry clean  Chakwera who they portrayed as  a selfish and pompous man, who only entertain those who sing praises of him at the expense of party interests.

“Chakwera has no leadership skills, he has failed so far to run a party and how can Malawians trusts him with country leadership when they have seen him to be a failure”.

“Lucifer Chakwera will be fair with MCP if he calls for a convention forthwith and let MCP choose their own leadership.”They added.

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