Joyce Banda Family Linked To Njaunju Murder Over Escom Shady Deals,Says Arrested Thombozi

Incarcerated police officer who was arrested in connection to the death of Anti Corruption Bureau official late Issa Njaunju, has told police that former President Joyce Banda and her family masterminded it to conceal their involvement in ESCOM shady deals during her two-year rule.

Titus Thombozi whose last work post was Mchinji Police is said to be cooperating well with investigators and is giving vital information to build the case.

JB, her son Roy Kachale and sister Cecilia Kumpukwe were sending Oswald Lutepo to Escom bosses to solicit billions and the money was being channeled to Joyce Banda directly who used it to fund the beleagured Peoples Party.

On the other hand, Kumpukwe was also involved in her own shady deals at Escom where she used a company regisitered in the name of Maggie Chimpukuso and used to get MK38 million payment every friday for a period of 20 months.

It has been learnt that Kumpukwe and Chimpukuso are very close friends.

When some Escom accounts bosses queried the expenditure lines, JB ordered her son Roy to find a way and sweep the issue under. Within weeks Escom headquarters in Blantyre was put on fire to destroy any evidence of the theft.

To this day Escom headquarters along Haille Sellasie Road remains charred with soot as repairs await investigations to finish.

Lutepo, who in this case was more of an errand boy, told Malawians after his arrest that JB was at the centre of corruption across the board. He added that only if she is brought to justice will Malawi be healed of large scale corruption that Cashgate was.

Thombozi has further told Police that the target on the day Njaunju was murdered was ACB deputy director Reneck Matemba who at that time was using similar vehicle to that of Njaunju. It was a case mistaken identity.
in zeroing in on the

It is reported that JB and family were getting uncomfortable with the trail by ACB.

This according to Thombozi is why they hired him and few others to finish off the ACB employee.

Njaunju was found murdered at City Centre in Lilongwe and his vehicle was towed to a distant location in Mtandire where it was burnt to ashes.

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