Fugitive Joyce Banda Snubbed By Clintons At UN: ‘Am Busy Meeting World Leaders,  Hillary Busy With Campaign’ Says Bill

Former Malawi President Joyce Banda was on Monday given a cold shoulder at United Nations headquarters by Bill Clinton who is the 42nd President of the United States.

JB – as she is popularly known among her supporters – has been trying to fundraise for her JB Foundation by fixing impromptu meetings with anyone she meets within the UN corridors.

On Monday when Bill Clinton was arriving at the UN, JB and her daughter are said to have cut route to say a word to him but his security detail did not allow that to happen.

After Clinton had entered the conference building JB waited in the visitors lobby and sent a note to book an appointment with the former US leader.

Clinton however did not attend to JB’s demands and proceeded to hold a 3-hour Clinton Global Initiative event where he met world leaders. The meeting was aimed at finding lasting solutions to a range of world problems through networking and collaboration.

Sources within the Malawi delegation at the UN say the former Malawi leader walked out after waiting for almost two hours to attend to some of her errands.

It is also believed that JB’s plans to meet Hillary Clinton have hit a snag. Hillary has told JB they cannot meet because she is attending to more important issues, in this case her Presidential campaign in which she is representing the Democratic Party in the November 8 elections.

During her two-year Presidency JB received the Clintons in Malawi but it is now clear that her current status has weathered down her aura in the eyes of influential global leaders.

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