After Burning Kabwira’s Car: Chakwera Instructs His Boys To Beat Critics ,Legal Experts

Lazarus Chakwera’s gatekeepers have beaten a Pony messenger as he was mistaken for delivering court documents at Malawi Congress Party headquarters. The poor messenger has since reported to Area 18 Police Station.

This follows the beating up of a lawyer who also went to deliver court summons a few days ago. It appears the gatekeepers have instructions to beat up anyone who comes to deliver court summons.

Malawi Congress Party has gone on record with violence, which many see as a revival of tact of violence practiced in its thirty years of dictatorship.

It all began with a battle of panga knives in Mzuzu when MCP supporters clashed with a faction of People’s Party. That has been followed by a series of acts of violence which include the torching up Jessie Kabwila’s car.

Currently, the party is desperately trying to divert public attention using every gimmick. Some religious leaders have gone on record that the spate of road accidents is actually caused by satanic powers being used by Chakwera’s camp to divert public attention.

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