Kashoti Raps Kaliati:The Stupid Gossip That Mrs Kaliati Is Encouraging Is Senseless, That Stupid Man In The Clip Wanted Money From Kweeni

I wonder if APM had taken time off to hear what really happened between two of his cabinet ministers; Mrs Patricia Kaliati and Mr Kondwani Nankhumwa who are on collision course.

I had the chance of listening to the social media clip and I concluded, wrongly or rightly, that Mrs Kaliati was encouraging gossip, a cancer that can eat up the fibre of the unity of the cabinet and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party especially that Mrs Kaliati and Mr Nankhumwa are both senior cabinet ministers and senior party officials. It is unfortunate that Mrs Kaliati encouraged that man to gossip and she believed him.

To me, that stupid man in the clip, just wanted money from Mrs Kaliati that is why he was making those senseless allegations against Mr Nankhumwa. Our cabinet has a job to ensure Malawians have electricity and water all day long, they have a job to assist APM ensure that the economy bounces back on track, Mrs Kaliati and Mr Nankhumwa have a job to assist the president ensure that the cost of living is down.

The gossip that Mrs Kaliati is encouraging is senseless and has no place in chaotic Malawi which needs leadership whose heads swim above petty gossip!

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