Shameful Act: Kaliati Wrestles Office Space Away From Officials At Ministry of Sports, Sends Them On Forced Leave

Kaliati:Under Fire

Kaliati:Under FireMinister of Civic Education Culture and Community Development, Patricia Kaliati, has evicted from their offices officials at Ministry of Sports. This she has done to occupy the office following a cabinet reshuffle which has seen her powers being trimmed from Information portfolio.

 Before the reshuffle, Culture was part of Sports Ministry and this has created some reorganization of office space to accommodate new personnel. In a recent cabinet reshuffle Kaliati was moved to head a new portfolio but when she arrived at her new workplace she was not convinced with the office space. She is said to have sent some officials at Ministry of Sports on forced leave to ensure that they do not fight for their office space.
The officials are likely going to return and be shocked to find themselves located in spaces not of their choice. Eyewitnesses say Kaliati shouted at the sports officials ordering them to go and find space at Labour offices.
Among the victims of Kaliati’s battle for space is Director of Sports Mr. Ndalama It is unprecedented in the history of Malawi for a cabinet minister to be searching for office space as that is the job of the Chief Secretary and line ministry Principal Secretary. Kaliati’s tantrums have come about because she knows how her powers have been trimmed in cabinet and on the pecking order.

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