Battle For MCP 2019 Running Mate :Richard Msowoya Picks Fight With Sidik Mia

MCP Vice President Richard Msowoya has upped his efforts to protect his position to the extent that he has bought mercenary journalists to demonise Sidik Mia.

Mia has coincidentally been given some mention in Gustav Kaliwo’s letter to Lazarus Chakwera.

Msowoya has since pre-2014 election period been not sure whether MCP relies on him as a strategic brand to aid the party’s electoral ambitions.

Though he was picked as running mate to Chakwera but the shadow of Sidika Mia has never stopped casting on the future of MCP.

Now in the wake of Kaliwo’s letter everything is coming into perspective that 2019 might be the year when Chakwera picks Mia as runningmate.

Msowoya- who is also Speaker of Parliament- is paying mercenary journalists at Nation Publication, Daily Times and Zodiak to fight the reemergence of Mia in the daily talk of MCP politburo.

Among the journalists on Msowoya’s payroll are Raymond Chikoko of Nation, Deogratias Mmana of Daily Times and Emmanuel Chibwana of Zodiak.

Sources inside MCP and those close to Msowoya say he seems to have given hope about 2019 and the only last thing he can do is prevent Mia from getting closer to the nerve of the party which includes Chakwera.

“Msowoya knows he will not be picked as such he is throwing his last dice of survival. He wants to fight to the end to make sure that he holds Chakwera at ransom. If the pastor feels he will lose many votes when Msowoya is left out the he mind rescind his decision,” comments one source who is close to the Speaker.

Chakwera on the other hand has made it clear that he will not pick a Northerner as his runningmate because he feels Mia, who hails from Chikwawa District, has the capability to mobilize more votes in the Southern Region.
MCP has performed badly in the South since 1994 so picking Mia will come as a relief of hope.

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